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Allele Lab is a Tbilisi-based company that is advancing molecular diagnostics by developing identification tests for pathogens using proprietary technologies in combination with Next Generation Sequencing.

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We now have the ability to sequence at an unprecedented scale. Collectively, this will give us a much deeper understanding of genetics than ever before. We will begin to truly unlock the power of the genome. These advances will trigger a fundamental shift in healthcare and beyond. Medicine will continue to become more preventive and more precise. We will be healthier, longer. We have only just begun.

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AlleleLab is committed to the application of next generation sequencing to diagnose genetic diseases and disorders. AlleleLab develops non-invasive genetic tests using proprietary technologies including single cell sequencing, DNA methylation and machine learning

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AlleleLab products address the continuing needs for cancer diagnosis, personalized cancer treatment, prenatal diagnosis, and pre-implantation genetic screening. Additionally, AlleleLab provides customized next generation sequencing services to pharmaceutical companies and medical research institutions. It has operation centers in Tbilisi, Georgia.

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